Non-trans nb people: I am a non-binary person, but I choose not to identify as trans.

Suddenly, magically, the oppression is lifted. Nb people are accepted back into our homes, welcomed by our supportive families. There is no need for surgery or hormones to alleviate dysphoria. Dysphoria itself vanishes. We are never assaulted, harassed, set on fire, sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused, raped, or harassed ever again. We are no longer the targets of transmisogyny. Truscum & terfs leave us the fuck alone. Nobody invalidates our identities. We are seen as equal members in society, granted full rights, & treated with basic human decency. Our genders/lack of gender are recognized by governing bodies & people alike.

Wow. Amazing. Who knew not using a certain label could do such a thing. Why hadn’t anyone thought of this before????




It’s all explained in the link better but long story short, Eft and I need to get out of our abusive homes. Eft’s family is literally at poverty level, and my family is not supportive at all, so we have no other choice but to rely on ourselves for this move. Without support, we’ll barely have enough out of our savings for minimal furniture - eg, a bed and crock pot - and a month’s rent or two as well as food.

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Update: My situation has worsened, and I can barely be at home without panicking. Please, please signal boost or donate, because we both need out of our houses. The only reason physical abuse has not been directed towards me and my therapy animal yet is because said abuser was fond of me and my therapy animal, but due to some things I said yesterday, his feelings towards me and my therapy animal could easily have changed, and despite his violence, it’s become obvious that he will be pardoned for his actions.

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half life 1 nd 2 sumed up quickly truebuggy http://iwantmoar.com/2744

the faq did I just watch



So disabilityfest is ‘officially’ over as we have reached the start of August but we’ll still reblog anything you guys couldn’t get finished in time that you put in the tags!

I want to thank everyone who got involved, disabled people are so othered and overlooked in fandom and it has fantastic to see them be celebrated and noticed instead. I hope you all continue to appreciate the awesome disabled characters out there all year round and we look forward to new characters in the future!




this commission was done awhile ago for the awesome Shavostars (who i wish i could go see at AX ;0; ) of her character Corey. it’s the second time i’ve gotten to draw her, which is always lovely !

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making your friend watch a horrible movie that you have already seen


lol as if gina actually has a calm, collected face when they rewatch pmmm we all know they cry a lot, cuz who doesn’t? 

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Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m an 18 year old disabled trans woman with an emotionally abusive abusive family that I recently left because they were really close to making me try to kill myself again, and because of that I am now homeless. I’m currently staying with a friend but I don’t know how long she’s going to let me stay. Really need somewhere I can stay for at least a year. I’m currently unemployed so I can’t help pay rent but I have about 600 dollars I can use to pay for food and stuff until I have an income. I’m not comfortable living with non-trans-women. I can probably get anywhere in Michigan and areas surrounding Michigan so…yea.

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who isnt shipped with nigel

lizzie unfortunately

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whats it with people calling japanese characters from japanese anime who live in japan and speak japanese and have japanese names white

#Seriously if a character is supposed to be white they will be named WHITIE MCWHITERSON #and wear an american flag hoodie shirt pants socks underwear and scream stuff in english every 5 seconds


The tags speak truth.

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